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Preserving traditions, Lipetsk Institute of Cooperation constantly improves its educational activities: starting as Lipetsk Cooperative Technical School – Belgorod Academy of consumer cooperation branch, soon it has become Lipetsk Cooperative Institute. Nowadays it is Lipetsk Institute of Cooperation (branch) of Autonomous Non-Profit Higher Education Organization “Belgorod University оf Cooperation, Economics and Law”.

At present, Lipetsk Institute of Cooperation is higher educational institution with two-level training at faculties of secondary specialized professional education and higher professional education.

The concept of "education" is regarded by teaching staff of the Institute in the broadest sense of the word. It includes education, development and upbringing. Lipetsk Institute of Cooperation creates an educational space in which students successfully study.

Graduates of the institute have professional skills and legal culture in combination with moral and ethical values. They are in demand on the labor market of the Lipetsk region and other regions of Russia. Socio-economic changes in the country determine the development strategy of higher education and the transition to an innovative development path in education..

I express confidence that the transformation of the institute will contribute to its further development, increase competitiveness among higher educational institutions of the region, expand cooperation with cooperative organizations of all kinds, state authorities and administration, various organizations and enterprises of the region.


Director of the Lipetsk Institute of Cooperation (branch) ANO VO "BUKEP",
prof. Buneeva R.I.

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